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About Central America Second Homes

"Find a niche and become experts in the field. Establish ourselves as the leader in one specialized area and provide our clients with top quality information, valuable insights and patient guidance. That's been our philosophy for over 35 years."

Sheldon Greene
Sheldon Greene & Associates, Inc.

Why Central America?

Established in 1970, Sheldon Greene & Associates, Inc. is based in North Miami, Florida. In keeping with our corporate philosophy, we have various divisions that specialize in unique real estate niches.

In 2005 we noted the growing international interest in properties in Central America. After more than a year of research and comprehensive exploration, we established our Central America division to specialize in selling second homes in Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico.

"People want value when they buy real estate, and that's what Central America properties can offer," explains Maria Lopez, who heads the Central America Second Homes division.

"Whether it's a second home for vacation, retirement, investment or all three, buyers want a beautiful location, quality construction and finishes, great amenities and a fair price. Right now, it's countries like Panama, Costa Rica, and Mexico that offer the best options."

Buy Pre-construction and Save Big

At Central America Second Homes, we typically sell properties that are in their pre-construction phase. That means you're likely reserving your home even before that first shovel of dirt has been turned over.

Why buy at this early stage? Because it gives you the best opportunity to lock in a low introductory price, maximizing the appreciation potential. It also gives you the greatest selection of inventory. Finally, you're buying something brand new, complete with the developer's warranty and no concerns about any previous owners.

How We'll Work With You

Central America Second Homes is part of a new breed of realtor. We're Internet brokers. What does that mean? We rely on the web and telephone to work with clients and developers. You might think this is a little odd, but it makes perfect sense for the type of real estate we offer.

Because we're selling property in the pre-construction phases, there's usually no property to see. Also, since we're primarily selling second homes, we know that you're probably not local, and flying somewhere to see an empty lot or to walk through a fancy sales office doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Get the Information You Need

If we're not meeting you in person and we have no properties to show you, what exactly does Central America Second Homes do? We provide information.

We believe that the single most important factor when you're trying to make a decision on whether to purchase real estate is good data. You need the facts.

You want to know as much as possible about what you're buying. Even if the home has yet to be built, you want to see renderings and floor plans, understand all the costs, know the area and more. And that's where Central America Second Homes comes in.

We excel in providing comprehensive, easy-to-understand, detailed information and analysis.

Our Services Are Free to Buyers

If you think a second home in Central America might be just what you're looking for, talk to us. Let us help you zero in on the properties that fill your needs and guide you through the steps of buying abroad.

Remember, there's no obligation for you to work with us. And there's never a charge for our services. Like most real estate transactions, our fees are paid by developers/sellers.

Contact us and let us know what information we can provide to assist you in finding the second home of your dreams in Central America.


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